Home Refinance Money

Home Refinance Loan Benefits Colorado Springs, CO

There are many reasons for and benefits to a home refinance loan. Here at Equity Edge we love to help people make the most of their home ownership and meet their short-term and long-term financial goals.

Lower Your Payment

Did you purchase a home during the bubble? Are your high interest rates getting you down? As rates continue to stay at all time lows, it’s time to look into a home refinance loan program that can lower your rate, lower your monthly payment, and lower your financial stress.

Pay Thousands Less in Interest

Pay off your mortgage faster and shorten the life of your loan. With today’s low interest rates it’s easy to opt for shorter loan terms that can save you thousands of dollars in interest payments.

Consolidate your Debt

You can take control of your financial situation and consolidate high-interest debt. There are many ways to go about achieving financial freedom. With a home refinance loan you can pay off your higher-interest debt leading to long-term financial gain.

Use Your Home Equity 

A home equity loan allows you to borrow against your mortgage in order to enhance your life. You can use this kind of refinance option to pay for college tuition, develop a business, improve your home, pay off debts, and more.

Eliminate Rising Rates

If you purchased a home with an adjustable rate mortgage, we can help you with a home refinance loan before your payments begin to rise. If you plan to stay in your home well after the ARM begins to adjust, it is wise to lock in a lower long-term rate now.

We’ve outlined some of the reasons for a home refinance loan. Each customers circumstances are unique and we encourage you to contact Equity Edge to discuss your home refinance needs.